every brand needs content
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The Parents, 6 years already

We fill brands with meaningful content (WHAT to communicate) - network of relationships arranged in a plan,  system of priorities and goals.
We do it sensitivly, respecting the owner of the brand.

Brand repositioning aimed on connecting health and commercial insurance. Lets stop the wordplays and common insurance pictures amongst all the Slovak insurers. Union shares peoples' worlds: older with younger, slower with faster, smaller with bigger. Only those who understand you will make your life full. #understandingeachother

"Thank you for cooperation. We still actively and successfully work with your brand strategy." (A year after, for now.)

Marek Kopča, Marketing & Sales Director
Union poisťovňa, a.s.

Stova is a hobbymarket in Spiš region. Longterm local player overgrew the size of a single outlet and became a small, familiar but important chain. With its typical retail business it was for a long period of time dependent on recommendations of its customers and a strong tradition beginning in the times of former brickyard. Its primary competition are big players in important cities (Liptovský Mikuláš, Poprad, Prešov, Košice), but also small local stores with stabile customer basis.

The main task for communication, however, is not to define against others, but to bring senseful and positive interpretation of brand values. Thus, even despite strengthening international competition, we are look for closeness to people, expression of solidarity with local tradition and backgroun of the region. Even the personal relation of staff to customers and the way of coping with problems reflects this. Stova became the best friend for house and garden, it understands and actively searches for cooperation, solidarity, playfulness, easiness and humour - and confirms this way familiary and so hardly earned trust. Tension between two sides of brand positionig (creativity versus friendship) enables a good space for communication campaigns.

We keep our fingers crossed and if we lived nearby, we would be Stova's regular customers!

Local hobbymarket with strong customer basis and huge amount of experience. Threat in international competition used to 'disembowel' with price and broad offer. However, there is no Stova if it does not stand up. A good and reliable friend transforms out of a construction material brand. Someone ready to get his hands dirty with you.

"I appreciate the helicopter view, uncovering of hidden context, different perspective. We know who we are, for us and for customers ,too. And we know where to aim." 

Roman Stolárik, Executive Manager
Tehelňa STOVA, spol. s.r.o.

Zuzana Lazišťanová, HR expert under her own name constructed a uniqe approach to human resources. With this promise she decided to create own brand. Not because a bit billboard campaign, but to have a precise identity just like she has a precise business model.

On the market of big HR corporations and consultants with standardised approach, Zuzana is a uniqe element. She does not need to communicate hygienic segment attributes: expertise, professionality, reliability, not even so much frequented and oftenly pretentious luxury, prestige and shine. Another - and similarly declarative side of segment communication - is holistic 'esotherism', the linkage to eastern philosophies. Under these circumstances the classic corporate barcebue parties and ski-holiday to increase team cooperation seem as amateur experiments, of course.

If there is need to build a meaningful brand positioning in this situation, it has to create a paradox, structural tension. Because inteligence is not equal to professionality and understanding is not equal to expertise. The magic of Zuzana's solutions is in knowledge adaptability. At the first sight easygoing is surprisingly complex under the surface. The frame defined by standard methods has to change with smart work with problems. Competence, elegance and easiness get a clear image.

We brought the name Lensly that directs us on problem perspectives and framing. It is active, inteligent, it is free of empty status declarations or esotheric taoism. It gets close to the optics of small parts while keeping distance and bird view. Explores structures where there are not visible. We further developed this name into variable, folding logo and added a claim. The whole identity got nicely variable shape and communication language, but it did not lost its sharpness so much needed in competition with old HR dinosaurs.


Complex and sophisticated brand for an HR expert. Lots of professional work to communicate, much of fascinating but but incomprehensible work to overwhelm you. In competition with big pretentious consultants raises an energic and agile brand for professional work in human resources. Thus, from intelect and competence grew elegance and easiness.

"It was an unusual experience to watch how something is born, out of nothing. And it all matches together. Step by step, focusing on the result, that surprieses. The surprise is beautiful." 

Zuzana Lazišťanová, business psychologist and OD consultant

Textile House is a giant second-hand network that grew from local business into hundreds of outlets in the whole central and eastern Europe. This exceptional business model needs a face that may be in Slovak circumstances defined ecologically and respectfully to environment, or hedonistic and with joy. We chose the second possibility as far as second hands used the narrative od saving environment long time ago. This face became pretentious and easily deniable. However, the barriers of second hand perception still exist. So we look for aspirational possibilities to be used by the brand.

We did not define the brand positioning at the first shot, the way to it was complicated and hard. Exploring and verbalising own place does not give much sense in competitive environment but surprisingly more with international brands like H&M, C&A, ZARA, Bershka, PullandBear and others. Still, we are from some point of view a step ahead - in Textile House, in contrary to any centrally given clothing collections, we can still be ourselves. That is what makes the real difference.

Every second hand is an exceptional project. Hard to digest for some, but extremely attractive for others. Instead of ecology smalltalk we looked for fulfilling personal motivations with Textile House. And we made a great 'empowering' communication identity close to authentic everyday life. You are beautiful being yourself.

"I am thankful to The Parents for their courage, mood and time to swim wih us together through all clichés connected with second hand business. We did not just set up a meaningful way of our brand communication, but since our cooperation I personally look at people through lens of their motivation, as well."

Milada Hanzalíková, Shop Director CEE,
Textile House for EURO TRADE, s.r.o.

Bratislavská kaviareň

We made the project of Bratislavská kaviareň in close cooperation with Milan Šimečka Foundation and its programme director Laco Oravec. Why did it start and what is it purpose? The civil society in Slovakia is oftenly reducet to non-governments organizations and activits. Its values however, are shared across the whole society, not just civil "professionals." That means people who do not have the opportunity to express their support to the ideas of civil society and the message of Velvet revolution. Bratislavská kaviareň is thus aimed on personalising the values into a brand and bring people to create a space for innovative and socially beneficial ideas.

We used the political pejorative 'Bratislavská kaviareň' to make fun of anybody willing to destroy the enthusiasm of civil society enthusiasts. We use humour as a strong tool for building community and content. We ain on creating  a common, shared platform (space) for free and democratic discussion, we popularize milestones which knowledge falls, and entertain ourselves and our fans.

The role of Bratislavská kaviareň however, is no only to unite and parody the resistance to free discussion. Our aim is to rejuvenate the memory for freedom and democracy, that is melting more and more in misinterpretations, conspiration theories and propaganda. Bratislavská kaviareň keeps the continuity with democratic values grew in Czechoslovakia and later Slovakia as a consequence of Velvet revolution.

Bratislavská kaviareň 2%

Together with Milan Šimečka Foundation we used a political pejorative 'Bratislavská kaviareň' as a playful and important communication concept. We believe in it the same way its target audience does. We are one of many brought by their parents in November '89 to the public, who defeated the totalitarian regime. We are Bratislavská kaviareň too.

"I really enjoyed all the meetings with you, we´ve moved forward together."

Laco Oravec, Program director,
Milan Šimečka Foundation

Could even a community of people on a single street have its own communication voice? Yes, it could. But it is not just a street that makes us connected to our neighbours. So, besides representing the owners, we began to build the identity of a brand of a street, of houses, of people, who are convinced life in Bratislava's Karlova Ves is able to bring uniqe life vision fulfillment. There you go, Janotova.sk.

"Hello, do you have some more ant traps? They reproduced at my apartment now, as well."

A. R., neighbour
Janotova street, Bratislava

understanding content is more valuable than using pretentious marketing language