How to communicate, short and easy / video

What do you need to be successful? No, this is not a question in a motivational video. Even someone with a rich mind, with lots of ideas and solutions will not be successful, if he does not start to communicate. All ideas will stay in his mind.

To execute your ideas you need to communicate - to different people with different motivations and from different environment. Everyone is interested in specific parts of your reality, has his own perspective. Everyone benefits from different things. You can even harm someone. If your idea is broad and complicated, it is much harder. Then, you have to reduce it, clean it up,  and prioritize, what is important to understand it. And if you want to push through all other ideas out there, you need to attract attention. Be outstanding, speak emotional. Because words are forgotten, misinterpreted, but feelings stay. We need to communicate with the world so others understand what we say and why we say it. And why is it us who says it, not anybody else.

Today, many sell marketing tools saying they communicate a brand. But! A good advertising on Facebook is not a brand. Sophisticated design is not a brand. TV campaign is not a brand. And marketing research is not a brand, too. All those are just tools helping to build and maintain some brand attributes. But complex approach to brand and its communication means something else.