Humano-centric brand approach / video

Some say brand is an abstract entity in the minds of customers. Others say brand is a complex of graphic and text elements. And others talk about the gut feeling evoked by some brand element - logo, label, campaign, visual. If we should name our approach, we would probably call it 'humano-centric', humanistic. Because from many perspectives brand equals to a human being, even despite it can not replace a human.

The brand is, just like human, a personality actualising itself in the world. It may be described, it changes in relation to environment and experience it gets in time. However, it still remains itself. In some view it is predictable, it surprises in the other. It develops, broadens its reach, it is open to new.

Imagine the brand is a human. How is he / she like? How does he / she behave in one or other situation? Projective techniques and such a 'personalisation' do not work accidentally. They work because they easily express the real nature of a brand. They represent the real nature of human personality hidden in a brand. The brand is, of course, created by people, who manage it, too - by their personality and characteristics. Oftelny much more their unconscious motivations than rational decisions.

When building brands, we build personalities. Communication strategy is a guide to build personality.