'Content' resp. 'content marketing' is a term in online marketing describing production of consumer-attractive content for brands (texts, videos, podcasts etc.) This is, however, shallow lifestyle content that makes just a small part of content we talk about here. In our perspective 'content' means longterm vision or brand strategy. It describes 'WHAT' does my brand say, what values does it represent. Product and majority of advertising forms are just tools here. And if people live my brand, they live it's content.



How to have a clue without watching TVť prehľad sa dá aj bez telky. Dokonca lepší. Si myslíme.

Terapia značky! New year is a time to ask the most basic questions. Who are we and what do we do? We are brand therapists!


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Konceptuálny marketing

Sorry, this entry is only available in Slovak. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to...

Words are no facts, freshness is no freshness

Sociológovia, na rozdiel od marketérov, vedia, že slová nie sú fakty. Sú zrkadlom skutočnosti, ktoré je pokrivené pocitmi a interpretáciami. Sociológovia poznajú spôsoby, akými ľudia slová vnímajú - pretože...

HR communication is brand communication, too

HR communication is just like any other still communication of your brand. Instead of simple wordplays try to look for valuable content giving your future employees meaning. Something attractive...

Your brand stays shallow, until you start digging in minds

Replace customers loyalty with brand values engagement in your next satisfaction research.Get rid of willingness to recommend and look for the feeling of personal fulfillment. Begin using your brand...

Authentic advertising / speaking dogs and flying women

What do have speaking dogs and flying women in common? How does it relate to authenticity in advertising?It has been much said about authentic advertising. Still, people are not...

Humano-centric brand approach / video

Some say brand is an abstract entity in the minds of customers. Others say brand is a complex of graphic and text elements. And others talk about the gut...

How to communicate, short and easy / video

What do you need to be successful? No, this is not a question in a motivational video. Even someone with a rich mind, with lots of ideas and solutions...

Kristína Převrátil Alexy

Sociology (Commenius University in Bratislava), then Telekom, media agency Starmedia, advertising agencies Vaculik Advertising and Komplot. I tried several jobs to find out classic company is too tight for my ambition to fulfill my own world view.

I am the author of idea to liberate communication strategies from traditional agencies and get up with them at The Parents. I live right here and right now - enjoying every day and every moment, and exploring new areas of self-fulfillment. Despite at The Parents we specialize on brand and strategy I don't perceive us as any stabile single-area project. We carry out new and new visions that appear every time the sun rises.

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Jan Převrátil

Sociology (Commenius University in Bratislava), TA3 news TV, Public opinion research institute, research agency Ipsos, advertising agencies Lazar-Klostermann, Mayer McCann / Erickson, paywall project Piano. I experienced several companies and learned a lot. It took me a while to realize it's not sufficient for me to form a world according to others' expectation and I need to create my own. Besides my patient wife it was the thoughtfulness and reflexivity of social sciences that helped me the most on this way.

My goal is to connect academic science world with everyday life. The Parents personifies this approach in communication, advertising and brand. Even my everyday is a mix of living particular moments and looking for regularities systemizing it. As this is hard sometimes, I do manual work - it is my self-realization with immediate tangible result as well as my psychohygiene.

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