We love our job, and we will continue doing it / video

The Parents exist 4 years already. When we started, we did not know if there is sense to compete big players, big agencies. Today, we know there is. And not just for us.

People, and specifically people in Slovakia, are likely to think there is a single universal model, single algorhytm to meaningfully build any brand. But, surprise-surprise, there is not. Since we work with advertising, we get in touch with wandering gyration around understanding why do people shop. We keep on hearing new and new words saying still the same - we got nothing. We meet people who like to test advertising on focus groups to find out, if the whole target audience will like it. On focus groups! We absolve meetings with excited researchers waving around with correlations in segmentation studies while hoping this will increase relevance of their words. We receive briefs where easygoing audiences meet with ultra-rational perception of product benefits. And we are asked to get it together. We attend conferences, think out new language, and bring unusual words for the same. But what have we really got? Bare buttocks.

We miss the content. Everything is empty. There is lot of brands, and even more marketers. If we still have something to do, then it is because we know how to create content and we use our brains. People do not work with us because we would draw nice pictures, write funny copytexts, wordplays, make Facebook videos or content plans, or we could better say '30% discount.' We are happy we can do what we like, we can do real content. We can think. And we will continue doing it. At least until our competition does not start to with real interest think about how to build brands.